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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Should women train different than man to gain muscle ?

This a common question many women concern about. If you just want to gain lean muscle and become shapely, but not big and mass, this article should give you some useful advices.

Actually, you needn't to worry about it very much. Studies have shown that women won't become such bulky or get very muscular like man, even if you have many weighted exercises. To make it clear, you need to know about which factors make the muscle built and increased. The hormone testosterone is the main element to help you gain muscle. In theory, women's testosterone levels are much lower than men's. Usually the levels in men are 200-1200 ng/dl while 15-70 ng/dl in women. So even if a man is in the lowest levels of testosterone, it will still be much higher than the averavage level of women. That is why I am here to say that you don't need to care more about it, just focuse on how to gain your lean muscle.

If you want to have good shape and curves, the light weights exercise will be not enough. Actually, you need to lift some heavy weights and make more presure on the muscle, not just perform endless reps. This may be different from the views of some TV or magazine media often suggest, but it is the truth. So don't have other things trouble yourself, just try to do more workout, make good diet plan and build lean muscle, gain your shape.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two elements to gain lean muscle

Generally, lean muscle means better muscle, it is built on to your muscle by giving protein. How to gain such lean muscle ? This is a topic a lot of people talking about. In order to gain lean muscle, they push a lot of weight when they go to the gym and exercise as mush as they can.
Basically, There are two things you need to keep into mind, exercise and nutrition.

I can give you some general tips on how to gain lean muscle. Firstly, you got to have strength training, it always involves lifting weight, such as barbells.

The second important thing once you got into exercise is protein nutrition. To gain lean muscle from workout, protein is the most important element. Make sure you are supplemented with enough protein and cardios. Most people eat too much package processing food, they are absolutely useless to lean muscle gaining, you have to replace them with foods only containing lean meats, such as chicken, duck, fish, eggs and other animal products. Besides, it is also important to add some health fat to your diet, such as nuts. So rebuilding up your diet will help to lose body fat, strength training will help to gain muscle mass, then it is essential that you are doing both.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lose Belly Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

What makes you Fat ? There are a couple of things. Such as diet source, maybe you like beer too much. You were not sleeping enough, you have too much stress in life or the cardio is too high. Anyway, gaining lean muscle can be at the same time of losing fat.

There are many ways to lose fat, but the important thing is you must select one method and move on steps one by one. Don’t want to move from A to Z, just move on from A to B, from B to C and so on. Keep your goals and go on. Don’t forget the sayings, inch by inch life is a cinch and yard by yard life is hard. Fat losing is in the same as the muscle gaining. You must take time to achieve it.

So we need to do is to apply one technic each week, measuring the result, if it continues to work we keep it and if it doesn’t we need to introduce something else. Until you find the best one which is suitable to you, then keep it and run it with the plans. So like muscle gaining, the key point is “Keeping” and “Trust yourself”.

Basically, no matter which ways you use, take pills or the other more easy ways. Two things must be taken into mind. The first thing is to take care of diet. The second thing is to take much exercise, intense muscle, burn fat and gain muscle from body fat.

Most people can’t exercise hard to actually get into the burning zone and stay there for long enough to burn significant amounts of body fat. Actually, muscles have memory cells, if you keep the same routine or some high leveled workout after sometime the muscle will know the amount of energy needed, then the lean muscle will be built. So just keep enough exercise, burn the fat and gain muscle.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You need plans to Gain Lean Muscle

From my previous post article, I said you need exercise hard to gain muscle and lose fat, but it doesn't mean the muscle will be gained as long as hard workout has been made. You still need correct methods which is just fit for yourself. I didn't mean all muscle gaining program must be dropped completely. The right way is to accept the advice from these program, but don't trust them completely, you need to have plans. You must know that the goals of any program are to make money from, but there is still some useful suggestions from them, so you can use them but not trust them!

Schedule yourself:
  1. Start from a goal.
    • Know exactly what do you want to achieve.
      Gain muscle or lose fat.
    • Look for workout and eating plans that will help to achieve it.
    • Don't get distracted by secret diet, secret lean muscle building exercise and other "overnight wonders".
  2. Follow body-split workout
    • Don't work with you leg, back and chest muscle on the same day.
    • Have at least 3 weight lifting workout sessions every week.
    • Don't waste time on cardio if the goal is to gain lean muscle.
  3. Some workouts you can include to have lean muscle gained
    • Barbell Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • Barbell bench press
    • Pull-ups
    • Dips
    • Barbell Bicep Curls
    • Skullcrushers
  4. Finally
    • Focus on the goals and move on step at a time.
    • Trust yourself that you can gain lean muscle and don't get distracted by other crap.


More stress, more lean muscle gain

Gaining lean muscle and losing body fat is a common question and also troubled me some years ago, but now it doesn't bother me any more. I shall be very glad to share my experience with you - how to gain muscle.

Many people are very nasty and negative about it. They don't want to take time on it, instead, only care about which method is useful to gain lean muscle, usually asking "Really? it can be done ? Tell us how to do it. Show us." But I need to say that muscle gain is IRON related, training related, not supplement related. So such phrase "Build/Gain muscle fast" is just spinach, it doesn't really happen!

Muscles grow and gain because of stress. Basically it causes the muscles to adapt and then your muscle will become stronger. But what is the stress and what is the best one to cause muscles to grow. The best one is to intense muscles contractions. Tensions can be generated from doing extra reps, doing extra sets or heading have your weight. Doing it more often and doing it for a longer period of time. But not just walking around, because that is not the intense to cause muscles to gain. You need to got to be intensity and that will cause your body to change, you will see lean muscle.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

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